Interior And Exterior Cleaning

Excellence is our priority

Interiors Cleanings

AG offer an integrated service to its customers.
The first step of the best interior maintenance starts with a perfect cleaning.
AG manufactures their own cleaning chemical products. The best to clean and to protect the interior.
AG offers to its customers all type of interiors cleanings, that goes from preflight or posflight cleaning, to a deep cleaning for the whole passenger cabin and the cockpit.
We have defined our own procedures to clean, because of our long experience in manufacturing and repairing seats, fabrics, leathers, woods, etc. Also we are innovating every day to be on top of the market.

Exterior Cleanings

· All cleaning and valet services are under stricted quality controls. All products used are biodegradable and suitable to use on aircrafts. · AG can make wet or dry exterior cleanings, going through leading edges and inlets polish. · AG has special tooling that helps us to increase our terms and our quality.

Special Cleaning

Excellence is our priority

Special Cleanings

AAG is including into its list of services, special works with the clear objective to give solutions to the customer needs. The customers have some important problems that are complicated to solve, and AG can help them using the most suitable products, the most specialized and experienced technicians and the best equipment and tooling:

– Aircraft inertization with CO2.
– Insect protection.
– Rats elimination.
– Disinfection.

COVID Disinfection Approval

COVID19 disinfection with a certificate Approved by the Ministry of Health (ROEBS 1136-CM-SR) in offices, transport, hotels, premises, neighborhood communities, urbanizations, accommodation, etc … – Methods to apply of COVID19 – Cold fogging – Spraying – Manual disinfection